Dental Treatments and Hygiene

Dental Hygiene Fees Fees are from the Ontario Dental Hygiene Fee Guide   Initial Exam Adult $45 Teen $35 Child $30   Check Up Exam Adult $25 Teen $20 Child $15 *Cleaning/Scaling (priced by units of time, each unit is 15 minutes) $42 per unit (standard pricing by the Fee Guide)   Polish  $10 Fluoride Treatment  $12 Desensitizing Treatments  $16 Irrigation (antimicrobial therapy for treatment of gum disease)  $20 Denture Cleaning (1 or 2)  $15   Spa Dent 15 minutes of clinic whitening (3 to 5 shades lighter)$99.00   ZOOM 1 hour whitening (6-8 shades whiter).  Includes custom fit whitening trays and 1 free touch up syringe of whitening gel  $379   DASH 1 hour whitening (4-5 shades whiter)  $249   ZOOM Weekender (4  shades whiter in a few days). Includes custom fit trays to use yourself at home  $179   Sports Guards $40 for solid colours $50 for multi-coloured $95  Night Guards (to protect from grinding)   Mobile Visit (retirement homes, nursing homes, office or house calls) $15-$30  *first visit to a home is free   All exams include a thorough assessment of head and neck to check for any abnormalities;  teeth for suspicious areas or infection;  gums and periodontal bone for gingivitis and/or periodontitis (gum disease);  oral cancer screenings; and a consult on the findings. A cleaning includes gentle scaling of all teeth and dentures to remove plaque and built up calculus/tartar, which is full of harmful bacteria.  Followed by a polish to remove unsightly surface stains, leaving a refreshed, smoothed feeling. Other Services: Fluoride strengthens enamel and helps prevent cavities.  It also helps relieve sensitive teeth.  Irrigation is a flushing of an anti-bacterial solution under the gums to heal infection.  Desensitization stops sensitivity to cold in some areas of the tooth that is not a cavity.  Referrals to all specialists and dentists can be made. We carry all 100% natural toothpastes, mouth rinses and breath sprays. Free from SODIUM LAURYL SULFATE:  a chemical used as a detergent to make toothpastes foam.  Known as a skin irritant.  Can aggravate canker sores. SACCHARIN:  an artificial sweetener used in toothpastes, mouthwash and lipstick.  Lab rats developed bladder cancer after being given this.  FDA still lists it as a carcinogen. FLUORIDE FREE AVAILABLE Are you diabetic? ...diabetics were 15 times more likely than non-diabetics to have lost their teeth Diabetes=risk factor for gum disease Gum disease=hard to control blood sugar levels High sugar levels=more bacterial growth More bacteria=increase risk for oral disease Do you have heart problems? ...periodontal (gum) disease may increase your risk one to three times more for cardiovascular disease (Lux & Lavigne 2004) Healthy Mouth Tips: Brush teeth for 2 minutes at least 2 times each day, especially before bed.  Clean between teeth and under gums once a day with floss or another aid. Do you have respiratory problems? ...mouth bacteria can be aspirated into the lungs.  Oral disease can increase the risk for pneumonia 3-6x! (Taylor et al 2000) Risk increases with poor health, swallowing problems, poor brushing, feeding dependency, dry mouth and more....  

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